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Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations

Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations

Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management – Vol. 8
World Scientific Press, 1. vydání, 2010

In today's networked and interconnected world, improving communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between people and organization is very important. Collaboration is more than just being connected through the Internet and various forms of social networks. Collaboration through information and communication technologies requires us to prepare the mind for partnerships. Many of the traditional business models, organizational structures, and educational systems are not yet ready for the new forms of collaboration that go beyond organizational boundaries. Concepts like open innovation, value networks, and wisdom of crowds are some of the ideas that influence our thinking on collaboration and information sharing. This book contains some of the best and most up-to-date work by researchers and practitioners in the field of knowledge management. It provides an insight into knowledge management practices and their applications to a wide range of complex issues. The peer-reviewed papers included in this volume are selected from the prestigious 2009 International Conference on Knowledge management held in Hong Kong. The book is a good reference source for information and knowledge professionals and can be read by both graduate and undergraduate students.

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