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Handbook of Research in Mass Customization and Personalization

Handbook of Research in Mass Customization and Personalization

Vol. 1: Strategies and Concepts, Vol. 2: Applications and Cases
World Scientific Press, 1. vydání, 2010

A growing heterogeneity of demand, the advent of “long tail markets”, exploding product complexities, and the rise of creative consumers are challenging companies in all industries to find new strategies to address these trends. Mass customization (MC) has emerged in the last decade as the premier strategy for companies in all branches of industry to profit from heterogeneity of demand and a broad scope of other customer demands.

The research and practical experience collected in this book presents the latest thinking on how to make mass customization work. More than 50 authors from academia and management debate on what is viable now, what did not work in the past, and what lurks just below the radar in mass customization, personalization, and related fields.

Edited by two leading authorities in the field of mass customization, both volumes of the book discuss, among many other themes, the latest research and insights on customization strategies, product design for mass customization, virtual models, co-design toolkits, customization value measurement, open source architecture, customization communities, and MC supply chains. Through a number of detailed case studies, prominent examples of mass customization are explained and evaluated in larger context and perspective.

Volume 1: Strategies and Concepts:
- Strategic Aspects of Managing Mass Customization & Personalization
- Consumer Studies & Marketing Aspects
- Building the Solution Space: Product & Process Design for Mass Customization
- Making Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management for MCP Work
- Rapid Manufacturing for Mass Customization

Volume 2: Applications and Cases:
- Customization & Personalization of Services
- Beyond Bespoke Tailoring: Mass Customization in the Apparel Industry
- Mass Customization in Architecture and Construction
- Applications of MCP in Various Contexts
- From Mass Customization to Open Innovation

Academics, students, and consultants in the field of operations and technology management, marketing, innovation management, and information systems. The book also targets at managers who are leading or wish to implement a mass customization initiative in their organization.

Vol. 1 ISBN-13: 978-981-4280-26-6
Vol. 1 ISBN-10: 981-4280-26-7
Vol. 2 ISBN-13: 978-981-4280-27-3
Vol. 2 ISBN-10: 981-4380-27-5

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